[whatwg] The embed element

On Tue, 25 Apr 2006, Henri Sivonen wrote:
> The party line has been that the embed element is badly designed and 
> evil and needs to be replaced with the object element.

I'll look at your post in more detail at some future point but just as a 
heads-up, my current thinking is to include <embed> in HTML5.

Basically I envisage having <embed> being for plugins, <img> being for 
bitmap images, and <iframe> being for nested browser views, with <object> 
being an element that autodetects whether to use a plugin, display a 
bitmap image, or act as a nested browser view based on the content. (For 
historical reasons, of course, the elements don't exactly fit this mold, 
but it's close enough IMHO.)

I don't envisage keeping <applet> around unless someone can specify it in 
enough detail and give a convincing case for its inclusion.

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