[whatwg] WhatWG spec addition?

I just came across your work today - and I applaud your efforts!!!
I especially liked how you want to expand browsers fully into web
applications from the original "document" oriented spec. I am sure that
concept takes some heat from the "purists"...
I gave the specs a quick scan - specifically for one element which I have an
interest in... that of the standard "select tag"...
I believe this list selector should be updated to provide columnar data
formatting and enable properties that include: Greenbar (alternating colors
- odd rows/even rows), header row, header column.
I have a very rough "whitepaper" on my website showing an example... Please
take a look - it is a short read. 
Again - I applaud your efforts to bring web apps up to (or exceed) the level
of abilities we have had in compiled apps since the DOS days...
I will take a closer look at the entire doc to see what else I might be able
to "suggest".
John Burns
I appreciate your efforts to not share my e-mail address. I despise junk
mail and work very hard to exclude it and to eradicate it. Please help me
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