[whatwg] <h1> to <h6> in <body>

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Thu, 31 Mar 2005, dolphinling wrote:
>>>Nah, <section> would just be explicitly part of the section-generating 
>>>process. I'm just trying to get <h1>-<h6> down before we start 
>>>introducing the new elements to the mix.
>>I mean that elements will have to be improperly nested (i.e. 
>><section><div></section></div>), hence my two examples in that post.
> I don't follow. Could you explain it again? Sorry for being slow. :-/

|    <ol>
|     <li><h3>F</h3></li>     2.2.   F
|     <li><h3>G</h3></li>     2.3.   G
|     <li><h3>H</h3></li>     2.4.   H
|    </ol>                    (part of section started by H)
|    <p>...</p>               (part of section started by H)

If one were to explicitly include section tags around H here, where 
would they go? It can't start before the <ol>, because then it would 
include F and G, but it can't start inside the <ol> because then it 
would break nesting.


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