[whatwg] [wf2] 8.1. Relation to the CSS3 User Interface module

Some of the pseudo-classes relations are underdefined in my opinion.

:checked - according to Selectors this applies to HTML4 elements which 
could have a SELECTED attribute, OPTION, a descendant from the SELECT or 
DATALIST elements, is one of them, but is not listed.

:indeterminate - I suggest that the wording is changed to say that it 
does not match any Web Forms 2 form controls as Selectors seems to 
suggest that it does match certain HTML controls in a certain state.

:default - this psuedo-class should match more than just the inital 
submit button. (I assume it also matches when that button is disabled?) 
For example:

   <option selected>foo

The OPTION element with value "foo" should match :default as it is the 
default option in that form control. (When there is a <select multiple> 
more options could match :default.)

A question about this, should it also match radio buttons where the 
author can also set a default out of multiple possibilities? (For 
checkboxes this does not apply I guess.)

Also, how does :default work with non form controls. Would 
'html:not(:default){background:lime}' really give a green background in 
HTML documents? (But perhaps this is something for CSS3 to clarify.) 
(This question seems to apply to other pseudo-classes as well.)

  Anne van Kesteren

Received on Tuesday, 22 March 2005 05:24:38 UTC