[whatwg] ContextAgnosticXmlHttpRequest: an informal RFC

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 09:06:58 -0600, Doron Rosenberg <doronr at gmail.com> wrote:
> First, no one works at Netscape anymore ;)
> The reason to use an XML file is that the service provider doesn't
> have to mess with his existing service to send a new header.  It is
> easier to deploy using the XML file, he just has to put down an XML
> file on the server.

Yes, but it means that it takes extra requests to discover something
(and with firefoxes history of bugs in the related favicon.ico
probably a huge number of extra requests).  It means that people who
don't work at netscape any more are defining what uris in my domain

Yes just plonking files down on servers is simple, but why does this
need to be simple - cross domain scripting is not something to be
taken on lightly, and is not something that people who are not able to
add extra headers to their server are likely to want to do - the
shared user base is a more likely use case.

Server wide policies are also unlikely to be the default, per
directory, or per uri is more likely it would seem, and this is far
from trivial to achieve in the lets have a magic file concept.


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