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[whatwg] [WA1] Markup for vCalendar and vCard

From: Matthew Raymond <mattraymond@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 10:54:33 -0500
Message-ID: <421B55B9.4050007@earthlink.net>
Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Feb 2005, Matthew Raymond wrote:
>>There are several problems with hCalendar (and in turn, vCard): [...]
> Tantek has asked me to point people to:
>   http://developers.technorati.com/wiki/hCalendarFAQ
>   http://developers.technorati.com/wiki/hCalendarIssues

    I appreciate his quick response to my email.

> Please discuss hCalendar and hCard issues with Tantek;

    Why? I have no intention of developing a Calendar/Card system for 
HTML5 outside of a public forum, and the Wikis are outside of my 
control. (Not that I question Tantek's integrity and dedication to 
standards. I just think it's a poor precedent to redirect conversations 
about WHATWG specifications to area's outside the control of WHATWG.) 
Furthermore, if you haven't noticed with some of Jim Ley's messages, 
there would be questions about fairness and tampering with the Wiki even 
if everything was on the up-and-up.

> I'm not planning on 
> touching the relevant sections of WA1 until Tantek's drafts are much more 
> stable.

    Why are we holding up the Calendar/Card portion of WA1 based 
entirely on the work of a single individual who is not a member of 
WHATWG? Granted, he's vastly more qualified than I am, but with regards 
to the WHATWG charter, he has no more authority than I do. Are we going 
to start carving up WHATWG specs and handing out pieces to specific 
individuals outside of the WHATWG for them to control?!? If someone who 
worked on Browser-X comes up with a menu system for WA1, do we just put 
everything on hold until he finishes that draft?!? Can't wait 'til Jim 
replies to this one!

> Unless there are good reasons not to do so, I plan to just take 
> his specs wholesale (either by reference or by inclusion), when they are 
> ready. There's not really any point in several different versions of these 
> things being done at the same time!

    Excuse me? There will always be several versions. It's called a 
difference of opinion. The whole point is to debate who's opinion is 
more valid until a clear, well-thought-out decision can be made. If you 
don't have that, then you have a specification developed by one, and 
WHATWG will quickly loose legitimacy.

    Might I also point out that the wikis you posted URLs to have NO 
COPYRIGHT METADATA, and that the domain is that of THE COMPANY 
TECHNORATI. Who's to say his company won't just turn around and claim 
copyrights and patents to the whole mess?

    If you and Tantek want hCalendar and hCard as part of a WHATWG 
specification, you should post material here and allow people to comment 
on it publicly. A specific solution should not get special treatment 
regardless of who came up with it. I wouldn't mind seeing Tantek as a 
member of WHATWG personally, but freezing a portion of the spec so that 
a single individual can work on it completely outside of this working 
group is just wrong.

P.S.: I will be directing all my comments and ideas with regards to 
Calendar/Card markup to this mailing list only. I invite Tantek to do 
the same.
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