[whatwg] Re: Diffs of whatwg specs

On Thu, 21 Oct 2004, dolphinling wrote:
> Are there diffs for each time the specs are updated anywhere? It'd be nice to
> see exactly what changed recently.

There are no diffs for the "current-work" versions, no. (In practice the 
files change on a minute-to-minute basis when I work with them, so it 
would not be very practical.) In theory we should be publishing call-for- 
comment drafts more often, so changes between call-for-comment drafts 
shouldn't be that large, but the recent pause and the resulting backlog of 
comments has meant that the next call for comment versions will have more 
changes than ideal.

> Also, the diff from current to call for coments is a bit broken. In 
> places where one paragraph was entirely replaced by another, it's broken 
> up by words like "the" and "to", which makes it much harder to read. Is 
> there any chance of a better version?

Unfortunately I'm using the best I could find (I tried many alternatives, 
the others, if you can believe it, were a lot worse).

If anyone can provide me with a decent HTML diffing tool, please let me 
know. I'd be very happy to change the tool used for diffing the files.

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