[whatwg] New suggestion for mutually exclusive sections in WF2

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004, dolphinling wrote:
> This suggestion is for an attribute, which I shall call qwe since I 
> can't come up with a good name, which can be applied to a fieldset[1]. 
> This attribute is similar to the form attribute--it's value must be the 
> value of the id of an input of type checkbox or radio[2] which the 
> fieldset is associated with.
> If that checkbox or radio button is checked, the fieldset is not 
> disabled. If the checkbox or radio button is not checked, the fieldset 
> is disabled.

That's a pretty good idea. I was also considering making the "disabled" 
attribute take an expression of sorts (or just an ID) along the lines of 
the "relevant" attribute in XForms, which is more powerful but also more 
likely to have compatibility issues.

I've noted this your for Web Forms 3. I'm trying to keep the new additions 
to WF2 to a minimum for now. :-)

(You can see other ideas that are noted for WF3 by looking at the comment 
hidden at the end of the spec markup.)

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