[whatwg] Status bars and progress indicators

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Mikko Rantalainen wrote:
> +1 for "status". I think "gauge" (I prefer this spelling even though I 
> live in Finland) gives too much direction for rendering. Somehow I 
> immediately think round display when somebody says "gauge".

<status> seems too generic, I would assume people would want to use that 
for a status bar or similar.

<gauge> makes me think of a petrol gauge, which is exactly the kind of 
thing this is intended for.

For dynamic status, you'd want to use <progress> (that's something that 
nominally goes from 0 to 100%, at which point the thing it is representing 
is complete).

> Regardless of the word that ends up being used I think the element 
> should also have property to tell which value is "GOOD" and which is 
> "BAD". For example, for search results having 95% to render as green bar 
> is okay whereas 95% for CPU temperature is bad and it should be rendered 
> as red. Obviously the indicator for good/bad could be something else but 
> color but you get the idea.

Interesting point. Noted.

> Make sure to support status/gauge where good value is something in between.
> For example, think motor temperature of an automobile; it's bad if it's too
> low and it's bad if it's too high.

Also noted. Thanks.

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