[whatwg] Some questions to WF2

I have a few assorted questions to the WF2 spec (the latest working draft):

Section 2.3
 > If the platform supports submitting a form implicitly (for example, on
 > some platforms hitting the "enter" key while a text field is focused
 > implicitly submits the form), then when doing so the first submit
 > button, this default button, must be the one used to initiate form
 > submission (and it will therefore be successful).

Does this imply that a form with no submit buttons (or input type=image) 
can not be submitted?

Button API:
I noticed that button elements don't have the formchanged() method. Is
this intentional? Since buttons recieve formchanged and forminput 
events, I would think that it should support formchanged() also.

OTOH I think it is a bit strange that buttons support validation:
validate(), validity, validationMessage etc. How can a button be invalid?

The "data" attribute is not on the form DOM interface.
The "taget" attribute is not on the input or button interfaces (although 
it is on the form interface)

When might formchange be fired on fieldsets?
According to section 7.1 (working draft) Formchange-events is dispatched
to all controls in the elements array. Fieldsets are not part of the
elements array.
However, in appendix A it says "The onformchange and onforminput
attributes are added to all form control elements (including fieldset
and output)"

7) Does the "successful" property apply to submit buttons?

Olav Junker Kj?r

Received on Sunday, 21 November 2004 05:09:27 UTC