[whatwg] typed values accessible through scripting

When integrating custom scripting with WF2, it would be very convenient 
if the typed values of the input controls were exposed.

Eg. the value property of a datetime contol is a string in ISO datetime 
format, while the typed value would be a javascript Date object.

The WF2 implementation would probably have to parse the date-string into 
some kind of Date object anyway, to assure that the date is valid, to 
handle "step" and so on. If the page author want to add custom 
validation to the field (like checking that the date isn't a monday for 
example), he would have to parse the string value anyway and build his 
own Date object.

Olav Junker Kj?r

Received on Thursday, 18 November 2004 05:09:17 UTC