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[whatwg] Accesskey in Web Forms 2

From: Matthew Thomas <mpt@myrealbox.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 14:42:51 +1300
Message-ID: <CD90B9E9-4A4C-11D9-B337-000A95AD3972@myrealbox.com>
On 9 Dec, 2004, at 2:14 PM, Petrazickis wrote:
> ...
> Can we petition keyboard/OS vendors for a new modifier key?
> ...

That still wouldn't fix the insidious modality of having one modifier 
key for keyboard equivalents in Web apps, and another modifier key for 
keyboard equivalents in native apps.

Anyway, the only vendor with the force to establish new standard keys 
for PC keyboards in the past decade has been Microsoft. If Microsoft 
were willing to cooperate, though, they would be willing to implement 
Web applications stuff in MSIE for popular versions of Windows. 
Therefore backward compatibility of new Web applications specs with 
MSIE 6 for Windows would not be (nearly as) necessary. Therefore we 
could use XForms and the like. Therefore What-WG would not need to 

Matthew Thomas
Received on Thursday, 9 December 2004 17:42:51 UTC

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