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[whatwg] template element?

From: Wrigley, Ave <Ave.Wrigley@itn.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 09:58:10 +0100
Message-ID: <5984AE6FCA91944C8E4FAABA4F2822BA019B3F53@mx2.ITN.LOCAL>
> > Clearly, there
> > are a number of well developed server side templating minilanguages
> > that
> > (deliberately) use a syntax that is orthogonal to the HMTL markup.
> (Nowadays I tend to consider such orthogonality as a bug rather than
> a desirable feature, because such orthogonality leads to tag soup 
> thinking and results.)

I don't think I understand this point - but I will let it go!

> > Without opening too much of a can of worms ... are there any lessons

> > to be learned / wheels left un-re-invented?
> For one thing, designing a terse templating language where 
> the template directives are XML elements is hard. The supposedly terse
> becomes verbose really easily in my experience. See 
> http://www.hut.fi/~hsivonen/cms/te.html#h106

Why do they have to be XML elements?
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