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Multi-device Timing at IBC 2016 [via Multi-device Timing Community Group]

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Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2016 12:38:23 +0000
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Hi all.

Njål, Francois and I are publishing a new paper on multi-device timing at IBC
2016. The paper is titled (rather boldly;)) "Timing: Small step for developers,
giant leap for the media industry" and is included as supporting paper in the
paper session: "Enhancing the Multi-screen Experience through Synchronisation
and Personalisation". For those present at IBC this year session details may
be found here session link.

This paper isn't overly technical, but focusing instead on how the industry
currently deals with timing, as well as pointing out the opportunities that
would come from adopting the multi-device timing approach (i.e. timing object +
shared motion).

PDF here Borch_IBC2016-final

Njål will be representing the Multi-device Timing CG at IBC, so he is the guy
to talk to.

Best, Ingar


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