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Introduction Voxtok and proposal for multiroom audio use-case addition to the draft spec

From: JC <jicheu@yahoo.fr>
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2016 09:29:38 +0000 (UTC)
To: "public-webtiming@w3.org" <public-webtiming@w3.org>
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As this is my first message in the group, please allow me to introduce myself: I'm the CTO and co-founder of Voxtok, a french company developing an audio system device allowing highend audio and a unified music experience on every device, including a device-less version for TV and STB. We strongly (around 105%) rely on web technologies for this ;-) In the past I had the chance to represent a member of the W3C including in the advisory board and am well aware of how things work here (ahem)
I'd like to jump in into this fascinating proposal which is really in line with what we are willing to achieve in the most open possible way. 
I gave a quick look to the archives but couldn't find a discussion around adding a specific use case for music. If this has been done previously I sincerly apologize. Otherwise, I'd like to propose to contribute a new use case describing two scenario:
- locally, many device play the same music, synchronously (what the industry calls "party mode")- remotely, you "join" a party and are allowed to listen to the same music listened somewhere else, by someone else. This as a social impact such as : "This is what I'm listening to right now, care to listen?"
Before jumping to a more detailed proposal I'd like to get some feeback from the group,

Again, thanks for the awesome contribution!
Best regards, -- JC
Jean-Charles VerdiéCTO and co-founder, Voxtok
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