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Multi-device MPEG DASH [via Multi-device Timing Community Group]

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Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 12:08:45 +0000
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Hi all,

I did some experiments using the Shaka MPEG DASH player, which lends itself
quite nicely to synchronization using the Timing object/Shared Motions.  I used
the DashCast streamer to create a looping live stream with a 5 minute or so VOD
window.  The demonstration shows one live window and three windows for my user.
 The controls allow me to switch between my own navigation and the live one

Note that the audio sounds a bit strange while the system is adjusting, as it's
a screen cast from a single box.  Also notice that even though the files are
hosted on localhost, the sync is global.   As I did have issues with encoding
audio through DashCast, the audio track is actually a separate audio element on
a loop, but it's of course still synchronized.  The test-picture
from http://vm2.dashif.org/livesim/testpic_2s/Manifest.mpd does however play
very nicely with audio too, but it's a bit boring to watch.

Regards, Njål




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