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Re: [openscreenprotocol] Multiple controllers of remote playback (#149)

From: Peter Thatcher via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2019 09:30:44 +0000
To: public-webscreens@w3.org
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> We can allow agents to connect to an existing session without modifying Remote Playback API. It'd allow controlling playback from browser UI, for example. I think we'd want those agents to be able to stop the session, so it'd make sense to just allow full control.

> Related: do we want a request message to terminate a session regardless of its type (Presentation, Remote Playback, or streaming)?

I doubt that's worth it.  Having separate messages seems easy enough.
> If we were to allow creating sessions that can refuse to be controlled by other senders, who should be able to specify this? The controlling page, the controlling agent, or the receiving agent?

Ultimately, the receiver chooses who it will allow to control it, so I'd say the receiver.  But the initial controller could ask the receiver to do so, and the controlling agent may allow a controller page to ask it to ask the receiver to do so.  

> If we want to let web pages connect to an existing session, we have a few options to do this:
> * Allow `RemotePlayback.prompt()` to connect to existing sessions (by having the user select a receiver with an existing session in the browser UI)

Would that be using a blank/empty HtmlMediaElement?

Seems like surprising/confusing overloaded behavior.

> * Create a new API that's similar to `PresentationRequest.reconnect()`

On a blank/empty HtmlMediaElement?  What if it's not empty?  Does it change the source of the remote element? 

Does this need an ID to refer to?

I'm in favor of this API over using prompt().

> Questions:
> * What pages do we allow reconnecting? Pages with the same origin as the original sender page? (Pages with the same origin as the media src probably wouldn't work, given the media may be served by a CDN)

What can Presentations do right now?

> * If the local and remote media have different attributes (e.g. src), do we override the local ones with the remote ones?

I would say yes.

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