[webrtc-extensions] Add API to control jitterBufferTarget handling (#199)

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== Add API to control jitterBufferTarget handling ==
### Background

There is missing possibility to force jitter buffer to operate with specific delay. Existing attribute jitterBufferTarget enables setting of minimum delay, but upper bound is not controllable from application layer, meaning that jitter buffer can increase the delay according to network conditions. There are use cases where it is unavoidable to have full control over jitter buffer delay. For example one scenario where several jitter buffers need to be synchronised and maintaining good synchronisation is much more important than potentially loosing some packets due to too small buffering.

### Proposed API

enum RTCJitterBufferTargetMode {

partial dictionary RTCRtpReicever {
  RTCJitterBufferTargetMode jitterBufferTargetMode = "normal";

### Details

Normal mode would mean current behaviour where jitterBufferTarget sets the base minimum for jitter buffer and upper bound remains controllable by jitter buffer itself. 
Precise mode would mean that jitterBufferTarget sets both min and max delay for jitter buffer and secondly jitter buffer tries to adapt to jitterBufferTarget more aggressively ie. as fast as possible. 

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