Re: [EXTERNAL] [minutes] TPAC meetings

> On 27 Sep 2022, at 20:02, Philipp Hancke <> wrote:
> I found the resolution of #143 (generateKeyFrame) a bit surprising from where I saw the discussion going but sadly my browser crashed (too often... can we use real webrtc next time please?)
> (counter)proposal 4 which sadly did not make it into the overflow time:
> array of rids, no value or empty array means "all", no return value.
> I'll call with an implementation:

AIUI, the current resolution was found to cover the use cases while being simple.
It is sad you were not able to to provide this feedback during TPAC.

Let’s try to resolve this in GitHub instead of jumping straight to implementation.
The discussion should probably revolve around whether we want/need to support key frame generation for "more than one rid but not all active rids".


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