[mediacapture-handle] Should the handle be an object? (#68)

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== Should the handle be an object? ==
At the moment, the [handle](https://w3c.github.io/mediacapture-handle/identity/index.html#dom-capturehandle-handle) field is a string. This limits it to stringable objects rather than serializable objects. If we change to an object, applications will be able to expose [CropTargets](https://w3c.github.io/mediacapture-region/#dom-croptarget) as well.

  exposeOrigin: true,
  permittedOrigins: ['*'],
  handle: {
    field1: "value1",
    field2: "value2",
    cropTargets: {
      label1: cropTarget1,
      label2: cropTarget2,

@youennf, I think you were amenable to this during TPAC 2022...?
@jan-ivar, your opinion?

Note that I still intend to pursue orthogonal proposals for:
1. **Structured** exposure of CropTargets.
2. **Structured** exposure of a suggested contentHint.
3. Exposing a MessagePort (transferable but not serializeable, btw) for bidirectional **unstructured** messaging. (The `handle` is one way and immediate, which is important [a] for Conditional Focus without exceeding the task-end limit, and [b] for capturers that don't wish to communicate with the capturee and alert it to the existence of a capture session.)

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