[webrtc-extensions] Allow codec-specific encoder configuration (#122)

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== Allow codec-specific encoder configuration ==
Currently the only way of configure the underlying encoding settings is via `setParameters` and we have been removing attributes from it, so at the end the only the `maxBitrate` and `scaleResolutionDownBy` are supported.

There are several issues with the `setParameters` api, we have this complex get/set mechanism and we need to specify how all the parameters works across all codecs even if they are codec-specific.

The webcodecs api in the other hand is easier to use/understand/define:

The interesting piece is that it allows codec-specific configurations to be defined, for example this one is for OPUS:


dictionary OpusEncoderConfig {
  OpusBitstreamFormat format = "opus";
  [EnforceRange] unsigned long frameDuration = 20;
  [EnforceRange] unsigned long complexity;
  [EnforceRange] unsigned long packetlossperc = 0;
  boolean useinbandfec = false;
  boolean usedtx = false;


It would be great if we could have the same of fine grained control over the webrtc encoders. Not sure if this could be applicable to `setParameters` api  or if it would be better to introduce a new api so we are closer to the WebCodecs specs and expose a new `encoder` object with a `congigure` methods.


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