[webrtc-extensions] Support ICE Continuous Gathering flag in RTCConfiguration (#121)

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== Support ICE Continuous Gathering flag in RTCConfiguration ==
The feature request is to change how browsers complete their ICE Gathering. Currently, after a short period after establishing the call, we stop gathering new candidates and move to a completed state. However, due to an event that changes network conditions for the worse, the client may disconnect from the call prematurely. While, ICE Restart solves this problem it is a slower response than preferred, and could be solved if we continued to gather new ICE candidates throughout the call.

The "walk-out-the-door" problem explains the issue that continuous ICE gathering would solve, described by these slides: https://www.ietf.org/proceedings/94/slides/slides-94-ice-6.pdf

**Other Implementations**
Chromium has this implemented for their native implementations, and they use a flag to enable this:

The request here is to be able to turn on continuous ICE gathering through a similar config flag in [RTCConfiguration](https://w3c.github.io/webrtc-pc/#rtcconfiguration-dictionary) during the creation of the peer connection.

we open this feature in mobile native sdk(wifi/4g/5g toggle) ,and it proved useful in practice.

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