[webrtc-extensions] Add support for negotiating datachannels in SDP (RFC8864) (#102)

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== Add support for negotiating datachannels in SDP (RFC8864) ==
Currently in W3C we are able to negotiate datachannels either inband in DCEP, or outband by the js APP. 


RFC8864 allows to negotiate it via SDP, which wouldn't be supported by curren API. 

Not sure if it it is a valid WebIDL, but we could have something like this:

enum RTCDataChannelNegotiation  {

dictionary RTCDataChannelInit {
  (boolean or RTCDataChannelNegotiation) negotiated = false;
If the `negotiated` attribute is a boolean, we keep current behaviour and if it is a `RTCDataChannelNegotiation`: 
 - `dcep` current in-band negotiation 
 - `sdp`  negotiated via SDP `dcmap` attribute as of RFC8864
 - `app`  current out-of-band negotiation 

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