New: WebRTC Working Group work mode


To ensure all Working Group participants have a clear sense on how to 
contribute to the work of the group and a shared understanding of how 
the group is expected to reach conclusion on the decisions it needs to 
make, the Working Group chairs and I have been writing up a set of 
expectations we intend to encourage in our work mode moving forward:

This includes considerations on issue management, github etiquette and 
meetings - please familiarize yourself with this document, and contact 
me and the chairs for any question you may have on it.

It will take a bit of time for the Chairs to fully operationalize this 
approach for which we ask for your patience, but the overall direction 
is that the Chairs will take greater responsibility for prioritizing 
issues and identifying paths forward for high-priority issues.

We also expect to push for a reduced usage of github issues for 
back-and-forth exchanges to make it easier for all of us to keep track 
of the gist of the trade-offs issues need to settle.

I trust this can help us all make the work of this group as productive, 
impactful and professional as possible.


Received on Wednesday, 29 June 2022 08:41:57 UTC