[mediacapture-region] Is muting track the right call for empty cropped tracks (#9)

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== Is muting track the right call for empty cropped tracks ==
The spec is not really clear about what muting a track means.
It probably means doing https://w3c.github.io/mediacapture-main/#set-track-muted.

Using muted is potentially not a great idea since the application might not know whether the track is muted because of cropping or because of some other reasons. For instance, Safari does allow a user to mute/unmute.

Also, muted is usually tied to the source: if source is muted, all related tracks are muted.
In this case, muted becomes a property of the track.
It is assumed that muted is "outside the control of web applications" while in that case, applications could potentially mute/unmute it.

I think it would be better to first discuss whether we need this (this information can be gathered from other sources, or region producer could instruct the capturer that its region is no longer useful).
If we need this mechanism, maybe it deserves its own mechanism.

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