Re: Follow up on the Call for Adoption of Region Capture

Following adoption by the WG, I've now imported the relevant repo as a
WebRTC WG repo under the name mediacapture-region:


Le 14/01/2022 à 22:55, Bernard Aboba a écrit :
> A Call for Adoption (CfA) completed on December 13, 2021 for the Region
> Capture specification: 
> Summary of Call for Adoption: Region Capture specification from Bernard
> Aboba on 2021-12-15 ( from December 2021)
> <>
> Subsequently, Elad Alon has made modifications to the specification to
> clarify the scope and relationships to other work, in order to respond
> to Youenn's Objection and concern raised by Jan-Ivar. 
> The updated specification is available for inspection here: 
> Region Capture (
> <>
> At this point,  we believe that the issued raised during the CfA have
> been addressed. 

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