Intent to discontinue work on Media Capture Depth Stream Extensions

Hi WebRTC WG, Chairs,

We'd like to discontinue work on the standalone mediacapture-depth spec [1]. The spec has not received much attention recently, so we don't expect this proposed discontinuation to cause major distractions. We are tracking corresponding Chrome changes separately [2].

We think API surface extensions informed by this work that may gain wider support are better specified in where things of this nature have been consolidating.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort. Even if the API extensions go away, the use cases won't. And thanks to recent advances in computing capabilities, the key depth perception use cases [3] (and more) can be implemented with neural nets in your browser. Folks interested in that work, see

My expectation is the WebRTC WG chairs will issues a CfC in this WG for this discontinuation.

On behalf of the editors,



Received on Monday, 10 January 2022 14:17:51 UTC