Call for Consensus (CfC) on PR 125 (WebRTC Encoded Transform API): "Add API to request key frames"

This is a Call for Consensus (CfC) on Pull Request 125 ("Add API to request key frames") to WebRTC Encoded Transform.  The PR is available for inspection here:

A preview of the specification with PR 125 merged is available here:

Slides relating to the PR from the December Virtual Interim are available here (starts at slide 17):

The CfC will last until Monday January 17, 2022 at midnight Pacific Time.  Please respond with one of the following:

  *   I support merging PR 125.
  *   I object to merging PR 125, due to reasons included in my comments on the PR (
Add API to request key frames by youennf  Pull Request #125  w3c/webrtc-encoded-transform<>
This includes 3 different APIs: An API to generate a key frame from a RTCRtpScriptTransformer on sender side A corresponding API in RTCRtpSender. This API shares the same algorithm as the first on...

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