Call for Consensus (CfC): WebRTC-NV Use Cases

At the WEBRTC WG Virtual Interim meeting on November 24, it was noted that use cases and requirements recently added to the WebRTC-NV Use Cases document had not gone through a Call for Consensus (CfC).  The WebRTC-NV Use Cases document is available for inspection here:

The new uses cases include:

  1.  Section 3.2: Low latency P2P broadcast:
  2.  Section 3.4: Decentralized Internet:
  3.  Section 3.9: Reduced complexity signaling:

The new requirements include:

N30     The user agent must provide the ability to re-establish media after an interruption.
N31     The user agent must provide the ability to play selected media to the remote party during an interuption (c.f. on hold music).
N32     The user agent must provide the ability to 'park' a connection such that it can be retrieved and continued by a newly loaded page to prevent accidental 'browsing away' from dropping a call irretrievably.
N33     A 'long-term connection' must be able to be re-established without access to external services in the event of the local network becoming isolated from the wider network without compromising e2e security.
N34     Ability to intercept the fetch API and service it over a P2P link. One way to do this would be to support data channels in Service Workers which can already intercept fetch.
N35     A group member can encrypt and send copies of the encoded media directly to multiple group members without the intervention of the media server.
N36     Predictable auto-play for media elements that works for first time users and is testable.
N37     Ability to reuse DRM assets streamed over data channels.
N38     Ability to reuse subtitle assets streamed over data channels.
N39     A URI format that defines the remaining transport related fields (e.g. service address/port, ICE credentials, DTLS fingerprint).

We would now like to do a Call for Consensus (CfC) on addition of these new use cases and requirements.  For each of the new use cases and requirements, please indicate:

  *   I support inclusion within the WebRTC-NV Use Cases document.
  *   I object to inclusion within the WebRTC-NV Use Cases document.

If you would like to provide further explanation of your objections, you can file an Issue in the repo:

The CfC will end on December 13, 2021 at midnight Pacific Time.

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