[mediacapture-main] Spec should document anticipated differences from v2.0 (#831)

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== Spec should document anticipated differences from v2.0 ==
The outcome of many of the conversations between PING and the working group have been (understandably) the “current approach is too constrained by compat concerns to be fundamentally fixed privacy wise, but the 2.0 version of the spec will solve by being fundamentally different by emphasizing in browser-mediated selection.”.

I think it would be useful (both to document the concerns raised and planned to be addressed by follow up work, and to prevent the current approach from being used as a model for other specs) it would be ideal to add a non-normative section in the current document discussing choices in the current document that are no longer considered ideal, and the different approaches that are planned for the future versions (whether inline or as links to other documents).

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