[webrtc-extensions] define playoutDelayHint aggressiveness (#30)

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== define playoutDelayHint aggressiveness  ==
Currently, when the `playoutDelayHint` is changed the current spec states the following:

>Modifying the delay of the underlying system SHOULD affect the internal audio or video buffering gradually in order not to hurt user experience. Audio samples or video frames SHOULD be accelerated or decelerated before playout, similarly to how it is done for audio/video synchronization or in response to congestion control.

>The acceleration or deceleration rate may vary depending on network conditions or the type of audio received (e.g. speech or background noise). It MAY take several seconds to achieve 1 second of buffering but SHOULD not take more than 30 seconds assuming packets are being received. The speed MAY be different for audio and video.

For the use case I am working on, this behavior renders the usage of `playoutDelayHint` useless, and adding silence or dropping frames is the right way to go.

In order to be able to have both behaviors how about to specify an aggressiveness policy `playoutDelayChange` to be either  `gradual` or `aggressive` so both behaviors are supported? (feel free to suggest better namings) 

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Received on Monday, 17 February 2020 16:23:11 UTC