Call for Consensus (CfC): Moving degradationPreference from WebRTC-PC to the Content-Hints Specification

This is a Call for Consensus (CfC) to move degradationPrefence<> from the WebRTC-PC specification to Content-Hints<>.

Please respond to this CfC by November 2, 2019.


During TPAC 2019, we discussed the disposition of "features at risk".  Unfortunately, we neglected to include degradationPreference<> on the list of "at risk" features. While multiple implementations allow degradationPreference<> to be set and retrieved, setting values does not currently have an observable effect.  Therefore, despite test passes, degradationPreference<> represents a "feature at risk".

Why move degradationPreference<> to Content-Hints<>?

At TPAC, we discussed feedback on the Content-Hints specification<> which suggested that the specification should include normative language defining the effect of setting various values.  PR 31<> is currently under development to address this; since it refers to the behavior specified for values of degradationPreference , it appears that content-hints and degradationPreference are related.

Received on Thursday, 24 October 2019 21:22:45 UTC