Re: Remote desktop control using MediaStream.getDisplayMedia()

Saurav --

The Screen Capture specification does not mention support for "remote control":

This is because "remote control" requires not only communicating the video and perhaps audio of a "controlled" entity but also the keyboard and mouse events of the "controller" entity, which need to be injected on the "controlled" party.  This additional functionality not only requires additional native code (e.g. a server to receive the keyboard/mouse events) but brings with it an additional set of security concerns that are outside the scope of Screen Capture.

From: Saurav Suman <>
Sent: Monday, March 4, 2019 1:40 AM
Subject: Remote desktop control using MediaStream.getDisplayMedia()

Hi there,

It's really nice that you guys have finally given us the plugin free screen sharing option with remote desktop control feature using the getDisplayMedia api. Is it implementable though as of now? Asking because...couldn't find any documentation as to how to implement the remote desktop control feature. Given below is what I was able to find about this new api.

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