[webrtc-pc] Spec note on stop() underestimates BUNDLE problem. (#2176)

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== Spec note on stop() underestimates BUNDLE problem. ==
Our [BUNDLE warning](http://w3c.github.io/webrtc-pc/#methods-8) says:
> Note
> If this method is called in between applying a remote offer and creating an answer, and the transceiver is associated with the "offerer tagged" media description as defined in [BUNDLE], this will cause all other transceivers in the bundle group to be stopped as well.

This suggests the problem to limited calling `stop()` in `"have-remote-offer"`, but the same problem exists if `stop()` has been called *before* SRD(offer).

> To avoid this, one could instead stop the transceiver when signalingState is "stable" and perform a subsequent offer/answer exchange.

This is true only if we replace "a subsequent" with "an immediate", and assume an SRD(offer) cannot come in beforehand. It also assumes our offer isn't rolled back.

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Received on Wednesday, 17 April 2019 14:00:17 UTC