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Minutes from the April 11 meeting

From: Harald Alvestrand <harald@alvestrand.no>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2019 20:02:08 +0200
To: "public-webrtc@w3.org" <public-webrtc@w3.org>
Message-ID: <b19651b5-2494-936b-537f-6227d937ddd3@alvestrand.no>
These are the UNEDITED minutes.

(06:36:03 PM) hta: This is the minutes of the W3C WEBRTC meeting
(06:36:25 PM) hta: Issue 2026: Should WPT webrtc folder be renamed to
(06:36:25 PM) ***trackbot doesn't understand that ISSUE command.
(06:40:21 PM) hta: Decision: Consult with Dom & other experts.
(06:41:26 PM) hta: Issue #2080: Fix in #2071 is accepted.
(06:41:26 PM) ***trackbot doesn't understand that ISSUE command.
(06:41:58 PM) hta: Examples need to be consistent with this.
(06:42:24 PM) hta: orphis will file a bug if examples need updates.
(06:42:58 PM) hta: Issue #2141:
(06:42:58 PM) ***trackbot doesn't understand that ISSUE command.
(06:48:58 PM) hta: Missing specification to assing bandwidth between layers
(06:49:34 PM) *lgrahl [/~lgrahl@public.cloak/] entered the room.*
(06:56:24 PM) hta: Bernard: consult with RMCAT
(06:56:58 PM) hta: Jan-Ivar: Max-bitrate allocations may reasonably
imply expectations of relative bitrates.
(06:57:38 PM) hta: Decision: We place non-normative text in the WEBRTC
document. (no SHOULD).
(06:59:03 PM) hta: -Issue 2116: Simulcast stats implications
(07:01:12 PM) hta: Moving stuff between dictionaries.
(07:01:41 PM) hta: - Issue 2116: Simulcast stats (2):
(07:01:52 PM) hta: Add RTCoutboundRtpStream.rid
(07:02:38 PM) hta: Decision: Hbos' plan accepted.
(07:03:06 PM) hta: - Issue 2116: Simulcast stats - figuring out which
layer we're getting?
(07:04:40 PM) hta: Varun: Reason for wanting to learn which layer is
that we could diagnose changes in quality.
(07:08:17 PM) hta: Bernard: This is an IETF matter to write guidelines /
specs on.
(07:08:50 PM) hta: Henrik: A note in the stats doc saying "if you relay
the CSRC, it will appear in stats" is good.
(07:10:24 PM) hta: Decision: Henrik will write a note and put it in the
stats spec.
(07:10:40 PM) hta: - Issue 401: How can we support SVC in stats?
(07:11:36 PM) hta: Decision: We will add a "scalability mode" to
RTC*RtpStreamStats (along with the codec)
(07:19:45 PM) hta: Decision: Continue discussion in issue #401.
(07:19:56 PM) hta: - Issue 2121: Constrainable properties on remote tracks
(07:22:53 PM) hta: Decision: Hbos will create a PR with the definition
of constraints that make sense for remote tracks.
(07:23:55 PM) hta: - Issue 2150 / PR 2168: transceiver.stop() rendered
(07:30:17 PM) *anssik left the room (quit: "Connection closed for
(07:38:18 PM) hta: Decision: We will go forward with this proposal, and
discuss in a separate bug whether media should stop flowing when in
"stopping" state.
(07:38:38 PM) hta: Mediacapture ------------------
(07:38:53 PM) hta: - Issue 102: Clarify what audio is captured and what
"application" means
(07:40:42 PM) hta: Decision: "application" means "document". Replace in
(07:41:04 PM) hta: - Issue 103: Which audio constraints are applicable
to getDisplayMedia?
(07:43:17 PM) hta: Decision: Start off by saying "no constraints supported".
(07:43:37 PM) hta: ---------- Mediacapture - main --------------
(07:43:52 PM) hta: - Issue 551: Should we allow empty string device IDs?
(07:53:48 PM) hta: Decision: Youenn will provide a PR and discussion
will continue.
(07:54:07 PM) hta: - Issue 559: Fingerprinting related to exposing
non-default capture devices
(07:54:24 PM) hta: All issues have been resolved, issue is closed.
(07:54:46 PM) hta: - Issue 561: Delay processing is incorporated. Issue
(07:55:07 PM) hta: - Issue 562: Fix incoorporated. Issue closed.
(07:58:57 PM) hta: - Issue 573: Removing onoverconstrained
(08:00:25 PM) hta: Decision: WG supports removal. Chairs will consult
with Dom on how to remove the feature.
(08:00:58 PM) hta: Does someone know how to turn this into minutes?

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