[webrtc-pc] DataChannel max value for "id" before connecting? (#2158)

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== DataChannel max value for "id" before connecting? ==
Current spec says:

18. If [[DataChannelId]] is equal to 65535, which is greater than the maximum allowed ID of 65534 but still qualifies as an unsigned short, throw a TypeError.

20. Let transport be the connection's [[SctpTransport]] slot.

If the [[DataChannelId]] slot is not null, transport is in the connected state and [[DataChannelId]] is greater or equal to the transport's [[MaxChannels]] slot, throw an OperationError.

If the implementation knows that it will propose a max channels smaller than 65535 in negotiation, this seems like a somewhat strange decision - even though we know that the number will be rejected, we're accepting it on channel creation.

Should this be changed?

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Received on Tuesday, 2 April 2019 08:49:22 UTC