Re: getDisplayMedia() and system audio

On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 7:08 PM Henrik Boström <> wrote:
> I listed some use cases and came up with a proposal, please take a look:
> getDisplayMedia() with audio: excludeTabAudio constraint proposal

To me excludeTabAudio is an entirely new feature request on top of the
one we were already discussing).  In theory, modulo synchronization
problems, the app could mix out anything it already has, so that's

Where I don't see this working properly is for cross-origin iframes in
the context of delegated capabilities (the good part of feature
policy).  That might be easy to address (disable the capability in
that case), or not.  I don't have a good reference model for assessing

The other, implied aspect of this is the simplification to just
capture of system audio.  Despite the obvious implementation problems
(which I don't believe to be universal), I would still prefer to leave
this with user agents to sort out.  If they can reasonably limit
capture to a single application, that is a valuable feature.  If they
can't, then they need to address the UX issues and expectations (why
is this capturing just this app, but also the audio from that app?).
At this stage, it seems premature to narrow things in this way.

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