Re: Call for adoption - WEBRTC-QUIC

One problem that QUIC_theoretically_  solves is the congestion control problem by bringing everything under
the same protocol, but only if you move all media to QUIC and ban RTP.

[BA] This advantage exists even if media doesn't run over QUIC. QUIC implementations support pluggable congestion control and will most likely use a delay-based algorithm instead of one solely based on loss in P2P scenarios. So rather than filling queues, QUIC will back off which is friendlier to audio/video traffic.

Just for the sake of completeness, the other problem that QUIC solves is the sync between media and data, something that is not achievable today between SCTP and RTP (AFAIK).

[BA] Sync between media and data is a real problem in VR/AR scenarios (see the demo of James and Vlad at Kranky Geek).  Today, people are doing things like putting data in RTP header extensions or hacking codecs.  With media over QUIC, they could conceivably bundle data in with media on the same stream. Is that what you were thinking?

Received on Friday, 23 November 2018 16:37:21 UTC