[webrtc-pc] setCodecPreferences and RTX / RED / FEC codecs

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== setCodecPreferences and RTX / RED / FEC codecs ==
According to the spec:

> codecs of type sequence\<RTCRtpCodecCapability\>, required
> Supported media codecs as well as entries for RTX, RED and FEC mechanisms. There will only be a single entry in codecs[] for retransmission via RTX, with sdpFmtpLine not present.

Do I interpret correctly that RTX, RED and FEC could be independently enabled or disabled using `setCodecPreferences()` by adding those to the list?
Is this the intended way to have control over those features in WebRTC?

Also, what should happen if no proper codec is specified but only RTX, RED or FEC ones? Should we reject the `setCodecPreferences()` call with an error?

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Received on Tuesday, 6 November 2018 14:54:26 UTC