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Re: Summary of "What would you like to see in WebRTC next?"

From: Harald Alvestrand <harald@alvestrand.no>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2018 17:23:22 +0100
To: public-webrtc@w3.org
Message-ID: <11fa96e7-70c4-5a81-70d7-45c4c9fa26e7@alvestrand.no>
Den 21. feb. 2018 08:21, skrev Peter Thatcher:
> About a month ago, I sent an email to the list asking "What would you
> like to see in WebRTC next?"  I'm glad to see there was a lot of input
> from many people.  Having read through all the messages, here's my
> summary of the common themes:
> 1. Many (most?) expressed a desire for a simple, low-level, decomposed
> APIs. Specifically mentioned quite a few times were separate components for:
>   - Connectivity (lower-level ICE)
>   - Encode/Decode
>   - Encryption
>   - Transport (RTP/RTCP extensions or QUIC)
> 2.  A recurring use case was video conferencing, and with end-to-end
> encryption.
> 3.  Another recurring use case was control over the network path used
> (wifi/cell/both).  
> 4.  QUIC was mentioned several times, but without any specific use cases. 
> I'm glad to see we're all roughly on the same page, and to learn what
> use cases people are most interested in.  I think we can accomplish much
> of this with a set of small, composable, low-level extensions specs with
> roughly the break down expressed by the comments:
> - ICE (extension spec already started, but could go lower-level)
> - Encoders/Decoders (no spec yet, but I proposed an API at TPAC)
> - WebCrypto (already exists)
> - QUIC (extension spec already started)
> - RTP/RTCP (ORTC is a good start, but could go lower-level)

I do think there's a number of interesting applications that require
exposing media data to user-controlled code - for instance for media
stream transformations, machine learning - driven approaches to building
assitive features, audio manipulation or even new video codecs.

Such APIs will inevitably mean that we have to tackle how
MediaStreamTracks interact with the Javascript process model (aka

I have some ideas on how to do it, and it's certainly allowed within the
charter that's being proposed, but there's lots of working-out to do here.

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