REMINDER: Call for Consensus: MediaStreamTrack Content Hints

This is a reminder of an ongoing call for consensus on the Editor's Draft "MediaStreamTrack Content Hints", which is being considered for acceptance as a WG document.

The document is available for inspection here:

By May 4, 2018, please respond to this email with your opinion on whether it is ready for acceptance as a WG document.

Issues can be filed here:

This specification extends MediaStreamTrack to provide a media-content hint attribute. This optional hint permits MediaStreamTrack consumers such as PeerConnection (defined in [webrtc]) or MediaRecorder (defined in [mediastream-recording]) to encode or process track media with methods more appropriate to the type of content that is being consumed.

Adding a media-content hint provides a way for a web application to help track consumers make more informed decision of what encoder parameters and processing algorithms to use on the consumed content.

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