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Summary and conclusions from the April 9th VI

From: Stefan Håkansson LK <stefan.lk.hakansson@ericsson.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2018 06:30:28 +0000
To: WebRTC WG <public-webrtc@w3.org>
Message-ID: <HE1PR07MB3418FCFF4E67BF40C77F5D1DC9B40@HE1PR07MB3418.eurprd07.prod.outlook.com>

this is our summary of the conclusions made at the April 9th VI meeting. 
Please review, and comment where you think we got something wrong.

Stefan for the chairs

PS If you want to look at the slides, the minutes or listen to the 
recording, all of that is available from the wiki page: 


- Regarding June f2f: the chairs will do a poll to check whether people 
prefer Stockholm, NA or Virtual meeting (poll ongoing)

- webrtc-pc Issue 1813 “Simulcast makes no sense for audio.”: Consensus 
was to develop a PR supporting a "best efforts" approach:
-- a. Requesting more simulcast streams than are supported will not 
result in an error.
-- b. sender.getParameters will return the number of simulcast streams 
that can be supported.
-- c. If simulcast is not supported, RID will not be sent or set. It’s 
still unclear what sender.getParameters will return in this case (1 
element seems reasonable).

- webrtc-pc Issue 1174 “`ssrc` in `RTCRtpEncodingParameters` is 
inconsistent with ORTC”: Consensus is to develop a PR re-introducing 
SSRCs into RTCRtpEncodingParameters.

- webrtc-pc Issue 1706 “Should rollback fire events?” Consensus is for 
Jan-Ivar to produce a PR along the lines described in the slides.
webrtc-pc Issue 1775 “RTCPeerConnection lacks identity marker beyond 
current process”: Consensus was that we will NOT add the identity

- webrtc-pc Issue 1826 “No way to add stream associations to a 
transceiver”: Support for Jan-Ivar’s proposal, he will create a PR

- Screen-capture, Issue 29 “Powerpoint is special”. Suhas has created a 
PR (#57), MT has commented, Suhas will address Martin’s comments

- Screen-capture, Issue 31 “define behaviors of all existing constraints 
that should apply in the screen capture”: Consensus from the April 
interim is for Jan-Ivar to develop a PR along the lines he described. 
Also, that cropping does not make sense for screen sharing.

- Screen-capture, Issue 39 “Screen-sharing from iframes”: consensus is 
on using feature-policy

- Screen-capture, Issue 43 “Disable Local Playback During Audio 
Sharing”: decision was to not add this, i.e. Issue will be closed.

- Screen-capture, Issue 49 “Bring back constraints on getDisplayMedia”: 
April interim conclusion: WG agreed with approach of adding constraints 
to getDisplayMedia. A specific list of proposed changes will be created.
- Screen-capture, Issue 51 “Browser tab sharing”: Consensus from the 
April VI was for option 2. which requires no change to the specification.
- Screen-capture, Issue 55 “Why does getDisplayMedia live on navigator 
and not navigator.mediaDevices”: consensus: stay like it is (on navigator)

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