[webrtc-pc] What should receiver.getParameters() return?

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== What should receiver.getParameters() return? ==
Section 5.2.1 defines RTCRtpParameters.codecs[] as follows: 

"A sequence containing the media codecs that an RTCRtpSender will choose from, as well as entries for RTX, RED and FEC mechanisms. Corresponding to each media codec where retransmission via RTX is enabled, there will be an entry in codecs[] with a mimeType attribute indicating retransmission via "audio/rtx" or "video/rtx", and an sdpFmtpLine attribute (providing the "apt" and "rtx-time" parameters). Read-only parameter."

Does this imply that receiver.getParameters().codecs[] is always empty? 

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Received on Tuesday, 17 April 2018 07:23:39 UTC