Re: WebRTC in {Web,Shared,Service} Workers

This is an important topic - I’d love to have any access to RTCDataChannel in workers - especially service workers….

I believe the current thinking is that defining a safe/relevant/complete subset of RTCPeerConnection
to allow RTCDataChannel’s to be set up in a worker is a _lot_ of work (especially thinking through the 
security requirements around valid SDP/identity). So the discussion centered on a proposal that seems
(on the surface) simpler. That is allowing  live RTCDataChannels to be transferred to workers 
with postMessage() in the same way that MessagePorts can. 


> On 8 Apr 2018, at 18:13, Isaac Kwan <> wrote:
> I am aware that there has been discussions in the mailing list and
> GitHub on this, and that I probably are over-simplifying it, but is
> there a reason why we can't expose RTCDataChannel etc to workers?
> This does not involve transferring ownership of existing connection
> from other scopes, connections are set up in the worker and ends
> "automatically" when it goes out of scope (e.g. exceeds the service
> worker timeout limit).
> Thanks

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