[webrtc-pc] Inconsistencies in Asynchronous Task Queueing

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== Inconsistencies in Asynchronous Task Queueing ==
>From EKR: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webrtc/2017May/0166.html

I have not studied all the algorithms for how to handle asynchronous
task queuing, but we seem kind of inconsistent on exactly when:

- We report errors synchronously
- When the task becomes due, if conditions X apply, don't run
- When the task comes due, run the algorithm and then check
  to see if condition X applies and then don't report.

More generally, there is an enormous amount of boilerplate for
handling deferred operations of various kinds. It would be
far better if there were a single generic algorithm for handling
all the deferred/queued operations and then we just defined
the inner loop of those.

Generally, I tend to think that more things should
be async... That would make reasoning about this a lot

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