Re: Process for "feature at risk" designation

On 4 May 2017 at 14:52, Bernard Aboba <> wrote:

> Feature at Risk 3: RTCCertificate.getAlgorithm()
>      Note: During the interim, EKR expressed surprise as to why this was
> “at risk”.   Since there have been changes to the certificates returned by
> getConfiguration().certificates (e.g. the pre-configured certificates are
> no longer returned), perhaps we should be having a discussion about whether
> getAlgorithm() is still needed.  Since it is no longer possible to use
> getAlgorithm() to determine the algorithm used in a pre-configured
> certificate, the only use left is to return the algorithm used to create a
> certificate created by the application, which it could have stored for
> later retrieval.

This reads more like "why does this feature exist?"  Which supports the
notion that it might be at risk.

I had planned to implement getAlgorithm(), but would obviously prefer to
not have to implement anything.

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