[webrtc-pc] insertDTMF when transceiver.currentDirection is null

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== insertDTMF when transceiver.currentDirection is null ==
Currently step 4 of `insertDTMF` throws `InvalidStateError` when `currentDirection` is `recvonly` or `inactive`. But `currentDirection` is only set after setting answer description.

Since it probably doesn't make sense to send DTMF before connection is established, we can probably make `insertDTMF` throw `InvalidStateError` as well when `currentDirection` is `null`.

One minor issue remain is that `insertDTMF` can be called before the RTP connection is fully established. Though I guess that just means the tone sent is lost and it is up to the application to control the UI to prevent sending before connected.

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Received on Friday, 28 July 2017 09:06:47 UTC