[webrtc-pc] replaceTrack and removeTrack

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== replaceTrack and removeTrack ==
Paraphrasing the spec ignoring some details... replaceTrack is asynchronous:
- In parallel, check that track has not ended and queue a task to set the track if the pc is not closed and resolve the promise.

The track could be muted before the queued task is executed, this could be a problem, but ignoring that for now.
removeTrack is synchronous:
- Set the sender's track to null, etc.

What is the expected behavior of this?
sender = pc.addTrack(t1);
I imagine this will result in the following steps:
sender = sender with track = t1;  // pc.addTrack
sender.track = null;  // pc.removeTrack
sender.track = t2;  // replaceTrack
The removeTrack still changes the direction of the transceiver, so I suspect the renegotiation will cause the remote track to be removed regardless of the order of things, but there might be races with what sender.track is when renegotiating?

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Received on Friday, 1 December 2017 15:21:00 UTC