Preliminary agenda, TPAC

At this TPAC meeting, the object is "finish WebRTC 1.0".

We have a list of open issues. We are working from the assumption that
this represents the difference between where we are and where we want to be.

We have made a preliminary distribution of issues to timeslots - list
below. This includes all open issues apart from some that the chairs
think are strictly editorial or more of the "need to explain what the
spec says about this in detail" type.

Changes to the agenda will happen if:

- Issues get resolved and therefore closed

- Issues get raised and are deemed interesting to discuss at TPAC

Harald, for the chairs


TPAC 2016 -

Time slots available (08:30 -18:00 is maximum, coffee at 10:00-11:00 and

Wednesday “unconference” sections
Thursday 09:00-12:00
Thursday 13:30-17:00
Friday 09:00-12:00
Friday 13:30-17:00

Possibly conflicting meetings:

Remote participation:
WebEx (Vivien to set up)

Suggested assignment of topics to slots:

“Unconference” slot on WebRTC:NV

Thursday morning
- Welcome, agenda bash
- Overview of “what will it take to get WebRTC-1.0 to CR” = “resolve
remaining issues” 30 min

Get into it:
- Certificate + IdP stuff (Martin can attend morning session) 1 hour
- PC - queing and order of operations, negotiation needed 1 hour
- PC - Errors (not) thrown
- PC - events not defined

Thursday afternoon
- Media update
  - Interactions between Permissions and Media: State of play
- Test suite status
- MediaWorkers
- Output?
- Depth
- Getting other docs to CR (check for signoff that “no more issues are

Friday morning
- WebRTC issues
- Sender/Receiver/Transceiver
- WebRTC Stats

Friday afternoon
- WebRTC issues
- Test suite status
- Summary, conclusions

Issue and PR categoraization

Handling of invalid characters in the tone buffer is broken #775
duration definition on RTCDTMFSender doesn't quite make sense #773
interToneGap definition doesn't quite make sense #772
What are the units of interToneGap? #770
insertDTMF doesn't define what happens with characters that are not
supported #769
insertDTMF should normalize input #768

Specify how an RTCRtpSender should treat an ended track #764
Handling of simulcast errors #763
Missing sender identifier attribute (msid) #705
offerToReceiveAudio/offerToReceiveVideo remain in implementations
(likely needed for compat) #709
JSEP/WebRTC mismatch on empty remote MID #698
Update JSEP reference for receipt of multiple RTP encodings #685 (Editorial)
Processing remote MediaStreamTracks without MediaStreams info #671
Separate sender and receiver sets are unnecessary when we have a
transceiver set #566
Upscale allowed #624
Describe what happens when media changes #305

Certificate + IdP stuff
Getting the fingerprint of an RTCCertificate #738
getting the fingerprint of a RTCCertificate? #720
Support assertions that identify the recipient #678 (waiting for PR)
Sort out requirements around IdpLoginError #555

PC - config
Support for OAuth in TURN credentials (Issue 714 patch) #776
STUN/TURN OAuth token auth parameter passing #714

PC - queing and order of operations, negotiation needed
setLocal/RemoteDescription should explicitly state which steps that are
queued #755
public negotiation-needed flag as readonly #645
Operations queue: What is run synchronously before the operation is
queued? #600
Congruenting about "The negotiation-needed flag is cleared when
setLocalDescription" #579
Need to specify precisely when MID generation happens #578

PC - errors (not) thrown
Need to specify what happens if `createDataChannel` is called with an
invalid ID #746
removeTrack: throw exception if sender is not in connection's set of
senders #727

PC - events not defined
We never fire the 'connectionstatechange' event #554
NetworkError event is not defined and might not be needed #526

Figure out backward-compatible way to indicate ufrag+mid on
end-of-candidates #760
Support ufrag in IceCandidate and end of IceCandidate indicator #757
Add a ufrag attribute to the RTCIceCandidate structure to indicate which
ICE context #726
Need JSEP reference for end-of-candidates indication #723 (Editorial)
Meaning of "Liveness checks have failed" for `disconnected` ICE state is
not clear #692 (Already resolved?)
Errors when identifying a m-line in addIceCandidate() #551
Debugging ICE problems needs more info #296

RTCStats timestamp source ambiguous #729
Normatively cite webrtc-stats for sections 8.x #561
Guidance for extending objects vs extending Stats needed #295
See also stats issue backlog

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