WICG Proposal: A frame-level event logging API for media

I've just submitted the following proposal to the WICG:


The chairs of WEBRTC felt that this was not appropriate work to add to
this WG at a time when we're trying to finish up our current document
set, but it might be of interest to participants in this group.

Copied from the text there:

Some projects using WebRTC functionality have indicated that they need
to record data on "source to screen" performance - that is, information
about how much time it takes between some event (typically frame
capture) occurs in "real life" on the media-generating side and the
serving of the same event to the user on the media-consuming side.

I've sketched out an approach in this repo:


It consists of a mechanism to tell the media engine to note the times
certain events happen to a frame, and a way to get these notes back to
JS. It's intended to be predictable and not too resource intensive.

Comments are welcome; guidance to the WICG process as well - this is my
first attempt to use this forum for an API proposal.

Received on Friday, 28 October 2016 14:19:52 UTC